BrinMar Engineering Ship Service and Life raft station.

Since it was founded in 1987, the Brin-mar is one of the most important companies in the Mediterranean basin working in the naval sector.

Created to provide adequate technical and logistical support to those living in the sea as a profession or just for passion. Thanks to the wide range of services it can guarantee, the Brin-mar- Engineering Srl has quickly become a safe and reliable landmark for those revolving around the maritime world.

After placing its operational and administrative headquarters in Brindisi, this prestigious Italian company has been able to stand out over the years for the efficiency and high quality of its services, as well as, those proposed within its Ship Service. It is thanks to its hard work, fueled by passion and expertise that Brin-mar has carved out an important position throughout the Mediterranean basin. Customers can find each type of equipment and service related to safety systems through the Ship Service. These include: stationary firefighting systems, a life raft station, life jackets, self-contained breathing apparatus and important services like life saving equipment maintenance and chemical analysis of the fire-extinguishing powders and foams.

It is the Ministry approved life raft station, which embodies the Brin-mar philosophy, for its ability to enclose within itself fundamental characteristics such as reliability, innovation and safety.





Ship Service

Industrial and Civilian Fire Prevention

Industrial and Civilian Fire Prevention

Firefighting professionals enrolled in the Ministry of the Interior (VVF) at number BR00367P00096

Services/ Certifications as contained in Decree 37/2008 letters, A-B-C-D-E-F-G

Sale/Installation of extinguishers and equipment
Maintenance and inspection of portable fire extinguishers and trollies of any type and capacity
Maintenance of fire detection and extinction systems
Maintenance of stationary firefighting equipment of any type and capacity
AEROSOL firefighting equipment with potash
Maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus
Firefighting training courses with fire tests


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